Game Designer from Den Haag, The Netherlands

Loves to do (concept) visualisation and level design in games. Also does bits of code and art, and loves polishing for the sake of presentation.

You can view my projects below, or follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates!

Voyage (December 2015)

An applied game about creating a fast and efficient introduction to corporate culture for new employees.

NWDS-001 (June 2015)

An interactive environment about what would happen if earth stored its nuclear waste in a group of space stations orbiting the planet, each one operated by a single worker.

Conflux (December 2014)

A puzzle experience about forcing perspectives in a 3D world and revealing objects with optical illusions.

He Is Dad (January 2014)

He Is Dad is a 2D platformer/metroidlike about a boy trying to change the world, with only his imagination to make his wishes come true. The game was made for the Global Game Jam of 2014; the theme was "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are".

Tabletop game

A game I made for a schoolproject. I took the challenge to make a FPS-like in a tabletop game. A gameplay video is available here.